Back To The Future

Did you ever have one of those times when you had planned something down to the smallest details, only to have the entire thing blow up in your face? John Lennon may have captured the thought best when he wrote: Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. We all know what happened to Mr. Lennon. Eventually.

Life was going along pretty well. My projects were getting the attention and time needed to show great results. I’d even been keeping my resolutions fairly well. The kitchen and laundry were completed on a regular schedule. The living room is ALWAYS clean enough to have a guest come in. That may seem trivial or automatic but I assure you, it’s often the last thing on a list. But I have made it a habit!

My commitment even reached into imaginarium where (with Juan’s help) we managed to have the lobby cleaned every single day. I had lessons planned out, had all the tiny pieces cut out; What a deal! This was going to be a spectacular year.

I purchased some tan pleather with which to face the counter in the lobby. It’s been a bright red far too long. I was excited about the project so I wasted no time in trimming the huge sheets into the size I needed and Juan industriously tore into the project with enthusiasm. Three of us worked like the dickens on it. As Juan  worked to get each section back into place, Becky and I jiggle the counter top so it would be secure and balanced.

It looked awesome. This fabric (fake leather) LOOKED so very nice and generically matched with the counter top itself as well as the very worn carpet. We were at the very last little shove to get the facing to click in under the cabinet top. Becky and I were lifting the counter top and Juan was pushing Beneath for a finished look. We were all very impressed with impending results.

So there we were. three adults with a relatively simple job when all of the sudden it went Wrong. I felt a clunk along with a searing pain in my back. I tried to let go of the counter but I was also afraid of smashing Becky’s fingers. I sank to the ground with Becky and Juan lowering me to a soft landing rather than a total crash.I’ll spare you all the details and jump to the grand finale: I had, indeed. broken a vertebra. At least it’s in a new section (L1) and not a repeat performance.

There are some things this old girl just knows. I can’t even count the number of breaks I’ve had but each one is an adventure.I immediately thought of all the fun things I had planned: a party. a cool rehearsal with the band, husband’s trip, sewing project… Then I had to go do something I new was risky. On the bright side, the counter looks great.I’ve had plenty of time to review my priorities at imaginarium, family plans, fun things I’d looked forward to. And all the rearranging of those plans. What a mess.
We started calling students while I was still on the floor of the lobby. I have a minimum of TWO weeks to do nothing. And as fun as that may sound, it does NOT mean that I get to go to the beach and lounge around. Nor does it mean I get to hang around the house getting pedicures or even practicing the piano or guitar.I am supposed to lie relatively flat and not turn and twist a lot.
I do not get to practice the piano or work on guitar. I am not supposed to draw/sketch. This is my grand opportunity to watch TV/Netflix and talk on the phone.I am very grateful for being allowed to return home for this recuperation. When my doctor suggested going to the Ralph Neate Center for a while I nearly rose up and carried my bed in a fit of “HELL NO!”
But alas, I am still in this very breakable body. I am VERY thankful to Becky Todd, Juan Vazquez, Misty Armstrong and Alicia Nix who hauled me around until EMT arrived fro the Coalinga Fire Department. EMT crew did a wonderful job and although I hope NOT to see them from the ground view, it’s good to see they are on their game.

Published by Mary Blyth Jones

A free press is one of the most important factors in maintaining a civil and prosperous community. In an era where there is a plethora of information from a million random, (often questionable), sources, it is important to have at least one source that takes verification seriously. My goal is to present the news as it occurs, and based on facts. I make every effort to keep my own emotions and opinions separate from the news. Coalinga Press is a nonprofit endeavor. It was created as part of imaginarium: Institute of Fine Arts, a local 501 (c) (3) nonprofit. I teach music and art both online and in person. I am a proud grandmother of 8 amazing kiddos ranging in age from 16 - 0. I love traveling, playing the piano and guitar, kicking back at the ocean and being lazy.

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